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Online Accounting Software Built for Businesses

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that manages your finances, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

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InterConnecta's Implementation of Zoho Books

We have successfully implemented Zoho Books in many companies
with personalized solutions for their needs.
  • Migrations from QuickBooks to Zoho Books
  • Advanced integrations with Zoho Desk for the automatic creation of tickets for customer support
  • An option for businesses to receive advance payments from customers who want to put items on hold
  • Integrations with payment gateways like Stripe and

Features for Easier and Organized Accounting

Centralize Your Finances in One Place

Zoho Books lets you manage sales and expenses. Create and manage invoices, sales orders, purchases orders, and bills, all under the same app. 


  • Receive payments in multiple currencies and Zoho Books will record them in your currency
  • Get paid faster with cash, checks, and/or the Web; set up automated payment reminders for your customers; and collect deposits and advance payments
  • Get the highest level of security with digital signatures through a Zoho Sign integration
  • Create recurring invoices for your regular customers and set up credit cards securely for payments
  • Convert approved estimates into sales orders, and then into invoices
  • Create duplicates, print copies, or share purchase orders and sales orders via email with your team
  • Give your statements a professional look: customize and send invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders

Expenses and Banking

  • Track, categorize, and bill expenses to your customers when necessary
  • Create a profile for recurring expenses 
  • Securely fetch your bank transactions from any bank or from your PayPal account; categorize, and reconcile your accounts with ease
  • Attach your bills, receipts, and credit notes to associated transactions: auto-scan will bring all your document’s important information, no data entry needed! 
  • Convert purchases into bills with one click with Zoho Books’ complete sale history 
  • Enable transaction approval and verify bills before they reflect in your accounts
  • Trace your bills, keep an eye on your expenses, record customer credits, and more

Our Customers

Discover why our customers trust us to implement Zoho in their business

50+ Reports for Easy Insights into Your Business

Get reporting visibility and turn data into information with Zoho Books. View dashboards, reports, and charts that cover all your receivables, payables, inventory, and much more! Use your report data to make inferences and create robust and current business plans.
  • Run business reports and share them securely with your team
  • Schedule weekly, monthly, or quarterly business reports to send them via email
  • Generate specific reports for each region by associating a reporting tag with all the relevant transactions 
  • Customize your business reports with different options to suit your needs
  • View your business metrics no matter where you are with the Zoho Books’ mobile app
  • Generate tax reports depending on your country’s regulations
  • Use the activity log report to be constantly aware of your business activities. Prevent fraudulent practices and track down errors to stay audit-ready at all times
  • Get even more advanced analytics with the Zoho Analytics integration: convert your Zoho Books data into actionable insights in no time

Online Payments Made Easier

Zoho Books is integrated with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, among others. This offers a hassle-free environment for collecting online payments from your customers.
  • Manage recurring payments by collecting them automatically on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis
  • Send out automated reminders to customers instead of chasing payments manually
  • Receive customers’ payments directly from the Client Portal
  • Invoices are automatically marked asPaid as soon as customers pay you
  • Make and record vendor payments to keep track of the money you spend on buying business supplies
  • Improve the look of your payment receipts with customizable templates and send personalized thank-you notes to customers when the payment is received
  • Run detailed reports on payments received, and use them to understand your customers' payment trends and preferred payment methods

Client Portal: Share, Collaborate, Deliver

Share recent transactions, accelerate estimate approval process, capture feedback, and let your customers make bulk payments through the Client Portal.
  • Measure customer satisfaction by asking for feedback and identifying areas that need improvement, and share positive feedback on social media to promote your business
  • Speed up estimate approval by sharing quotes with clients and start a discussion with them
  • Use the Zoho Sign integration to get estimates digitally signed by your customers for a more secure approval process, and get tangible proof of your deals with them
  • Make the payment process simple with partial, full, and bulk payment options with a simple click so you can get payments faster
  • Client access to invoices, estimates, and project details 
  • Real-time alerts of when a client views, accepts, declines, comments, or makes payments
  • Customers can update their personal information in the portal, as well as print and download past transactions to forward them to their contacts

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