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Zoho offers the most capable tools to cover your customers’ evolving needs during times of constant change. Manage tickets, chat with customers, give remote assistance for equipment, track your team’s performance, and much more with reliable and easy-to-use software.

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Zoho Desk

A context-aware help desk software that helps you focus on the customer

Provide customer support wherever you are, from a computer or mobile phone. This software is designed for agents, managers, and customers

  • Increase your agents' productivity and performance metrics
  • Work in sync with other apps
  • Manage tickets with a multichannel, multidepartment support platform just a few clicks away
  • Provide a Customer Portal with self-service capabilities
  • Automation for ticket assignment, notification rules, custom functions, billing, among others
  • Get extensibility with customization, web API, telephony integration, and much more

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 Zoho SalesIQ

A hassle-free live chat for customer support and business growth

Zoho SalesIQ helps you increase the ROI on marketing efforts by connecting with real time visitors on your website. Your customers are just a click away from 'round-the-clock personalized assistance.

  • Build a chatbot with Zoho’s low-code bot builder that works with major AI technologies like Zia, IBM Watson, and Dialogflow
  • Set pre-determined responses to frequently asked questions and use them during chat conversations
  • Buy some extra time to process your answer by getting a typing preview of your customers' questions as they're typing
  • Make help documentation available within the chat window so customers can search for answers before reaching out to you, which helps lighten your team's load
  • Switch between chat, voice calling, and even screen sharing or remote access to assist customers

Zoho Lens

Interactive remote assistance software with augmented reality

This software helps professionals who want to assist a customer in fixing an equipment issue remotely —from plant machinery to servers— and need a comprehensive view of their client’s situation. It allows to take a look by accessing a user’s smartphone camera at the remote location. 

  • Live camera streaming in high-definition video
  • Augmented reality annotations so you and your customer can add extra virtual information to the live camera stream, or use other annotation tools
  • VoIP and text chat for interactions with your customer
  • Record sessions to look back on all your session proceedings, create comprehensive trails, and document all your sessions to create a knowledge base 
  • Capture snapshots or freeze the incoming camera stream to document and discuss specific events during the session, or to further analyze an issue
  • Reduce on-site visits and travel costs 
  • Increase productivity by reducing downtime

Zoho Analytics

Easy Business Intelligence and reporting

Gain actionable insights with help desk analytics and dashboards. Visually analyze and understand your support team's performance. Create insightful reports and dashboards to track your key performance indicators (KPIs). Derive valuable insights, improve your customer support, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Quickly spot trends in deadline compliance across regions, products, and agent groups, and make data driven decisions
  • Track agent performance based on parameters such as average response time, customer happiness, ticket traffic, and expertise
  • Blend data from different sources and create cross functional reports
  • Develop reports with your support team and share the data and reports securely with fine-grained access controls

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